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Heifer Update and Autumn

Dandelion Seedhead www.thinkingcowgirl.wordpress.comThis is an update on the heifer pregnancy panic story which you can read about here if you are so inclined.

Well, I phoned the owners and they didn’t say one way or another but said it was pretty unlikely because of her age. He just said keep an eye on her and if you see some calf feet coming out call the vet straight away As you can imagine this didn’t inspire me with confidence. He did say he would replace her if it was the case as she would be a devalued animal. I wonder if I’m going to talk like this when I start selling…

A more reassuring comment came from, a commenter on the blog….one or two of our heifers have (accidentally) gotten in calf at an earlier age than one year. Technically, it’s possible, but for her to be far enough along to show it… probably not.

Thank you from one cowgirl to another.

Autumn is snapping at our summer heels….

wild carrot autumn

wild carrot and snail


Hawthorn Berries


Heifer…or Heffalump?

Traditional English Herefords

Getting rounder

So, it’s nearly two months since we’ve had the heifers. The other day I noticed that they are getting a little fat. Not such a bad thing going into winter I think but Mary Rose has a rather alarmingly large belly, significantly bigger than either Lucy or Belita.

I watch her for a while. It really is quite big. Is she just a quick eater? She’s always butting Belita out of the way when the cow treats come out so there is a bit of a greedy preponderance. But nothing like Lucy who is a real bully girl, bashing the other two with her horns to get to the goodies. And she’s not anything like as huge as Mary Rose.

Traditional English Hereford

Mary Rose – even rounder?

Suddenly, a horrible thought strikes me. I hope she’s not pregnant. Thoughts race around. Is that cowly possible? I think that they can come into ‘bulling’ (season) at the earliest from 9 months and usually at around a year…but they shouldn’t be put with a bull until at least 2 years old. Ours are a year old so…

I realise I have been bumbling along at this cow business for a while. We haven’t even managed to catch them yet.

We get on the phone. I speak to J & L and ask them to come over and see what they reckon and B talks to a local fencer about quoting for making a pen in the corner of the field by the gate so that we can drive them into it and then get them into the cattle crush (this sounds worse than it is) for things like TB tests, foot trimming and scanning the uterus.

Cattle Crush

Cattle crush I bought from ebay. On the list to paint…!

Our friend H the vet comes over and has a look. She’s more of a cat and dog and guinea pig vet but she thinks it may just be a grass belly. I feel slightly reassured. It is not nice to think of a calf growing inside Mary Rose she is too young and small to give birth and would have to have a C section. Today I’ve emailed the previous owners to ask if there is any chance that she could have been with a bull.

I’m hoping it’s just a scare and that she’s just turned from Heifer to Heffalump on all that lovely grass.

Traditional English Hereford Heifer

They are definitely growing. Here is Belita. She is now 1yr old.

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