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Outside, Everywhere – In Which I Pay Homage to Green

Green got into my soul on Wednesday

Magical Spring


Flaking Green Paint

Blades of Grass, Tree Trunk

Flaking Khaki Paint on Cattle Crush

Blades of Grass, Flaking Paint

Flaking Green Paint, Old Machinery



Old Canoe
Going Nowhere

Mossand Shadows

Duck Weed on Water Trough

Green Plastic Tarp and Ladder


Pegs on Line

Galvanised Skies, Slate and Ash – In Which I Pay Homage to (Get Lost In) Grey

Oh god, I think I may have missed the wordpress deadline for posts on A Splash of Colour, but’s that’s probably because I was meandering about in the world of grey, where you don’t have any strong opinions and it’s all give and take and two sided. Then it’s suddenly the end of the week! Never mind, I offer it up anyway. Please don’t get depressed.

Lime Plaster Wall in Shaded White

Grey. You might not like it but it’s everywhere. It’s the median of life, neither absence of light, nor full of light. It is hovering all around, in every shadow, touching each surface, making objects solid and deep.

It’s a symbol of authority and conservatism. Suits and ties.

It is often the muted backdrop to this temperate place, the sky washed through with a hundred shades, a comprehensive index of neutral.

Cloudy Grey Sky

Cloudy Grey Sky with TreesIt is the colour of aggregates and cement, we build with those. It is grim and tough like granite and cool and smooth like slate. It is the bloom on the wriggles of tin and the protective coating on iron. It is as heavy as lead.

Rag Slate Roof

Galvanised Dustbin Lid Galvanised Close Up

Lead Pipe www.thinkingcowgirl.wordpress.comSlate Floor www.thinkingcowgirl.wordpress.comLead Pipe fixed to WallIt is mistily ambiguous, made of only of water and air.

Condensation with Willow

And flaky and flyaway.

Wood Ash

Clematis Seedhead

Grey Moth

image by

But it is solid and dependable.

Grey Front Door

Ash Wood

It is known as sombre, cheerless.

Lime Plaster Wall in Shaded White

But can be practical and warm, soft and cosy. It doesn’t show the dirt

Gloves with Tar Paint

Grey Jacket on Grey Wall  www.thinkingcowgirl.wordpress.comGrey Wristwarmers

It is the cover of a favourite book

Book Cover by John Gray

And has a certain elegance

Ikea Duvet Cover

Grey Shirt

Tree Wallpaper

And lest we forget…

Grey Cows

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